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Im Back
Jul 14, 10 1:33 AM
GuildPhoto... Again?!?
Jul 6, 10 3:03 AM
Mc's Weekly Update
Jul 6, 10 2:50 AM
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Hello and Welcome to Wolf Pack.  
        You are joining a guild where the philosophy is "Guildies Helping Guildies."  We are playing Ultimate Shaiya.  It's a small server, but we are building.  We have Skype to talk to the Developers, Admin and GM's.  We are also using Ventrilo for voice chat in game.  I look forward to seeing you all in game.  Work together and above all ... Have Fun. 

Some General Rules:
Some of you have been with us from the start and some this is your first time.
First off we have some rules:
Rule 1: GRB helps us be ranked so if you are in game you are expected to be at GRB.  If you can not make it to GRB please let an Officer know so it can help us out on where people should go and what toons are available.
Rule 2: Please respect all members of guild.  If you do get into a "fight" invite that person to a party were you can talk or take it to a Pm.  Don't have your argument in Guild Chat.  If you can't resolve your problem, ask an Officer for help.  Be open minded. 
Rule 3: Goddess/Legends that was given by a Officer or Wolf from the Guild Warehouse is going to be used as prizes for a doing a great job.  We will come up with a points system and post it on here.  If it is given from the Guild House it is Guild Property.  If you leave the guild you are asked to return it. If you farmed it or someone gave it to you its yours to keep. 
         If you have suggestions, please feel free to post them here in the Guild Forum.                       

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Im Back

R.O.C.K, Jul 14, 10 1:33 AM.
some of you remember me from Evo but im still new to this server so i will probably be asking questions about drops and other things i notice different about this server the reason behind is so i can help people in the guild and be a good officer though i know a decent amount about end game stuff it still dont change the fact im on a new server. Glad to be back in WP again and cant wait to get to know all of you....

your one and only,

GuildPhoto... Again?!?

mcdevin17, Jul 6, 10 3:03 AM.
As some of you know and seen in our messages we did a Guild Photo when we were in Evo and it turned out very well. well its time for another guild Photo on Saturday ( 7/11/10) we will need everyone to get in their best attire and smile :). also if you would like to make some shout outs on the picture just shoot me a message in game or on the site. hope everyone can make it.
*** And if not alot of people show up then it will be moved to Sunday before GRB***
Also on the note. we will also be having our Officer Guild pictures taken at the same day.
hope everyone can come best of luck :).
***Since we dont know who cant make and who can you will need to contact us and we will put your name on the list Thank you***

Fellow Wolf,

Mc's Weekly Update

mcdevin17, Jul 6, 10 2:50 AM.
Well this week nothing Big has happen expect for Barthock one of the co-founders of the WolfPack guild is coming back and will be joining us *round of applause* also on that note R.O.C.K or as some know him as Rock joined us recently which is also another Co-Founder of the guild. well thats about all we have for this week... oh wait McDevin Aka Me forgot to give Wolf his mount back so now he has to walk like the rest of us hahaha ( Wolf ill get that to you as soon as you get back on.) well thats it for the Update this week. if you need to contact me on anything hit me up at

fellow Wolf,
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